Take a journey through the history of mankind from the Palaeolithic up to the Middle Ages, thanks to the vast collection of archaeological remains found in and around Matera, now on exhibition at Ridola’s Museum.  Named after his founder Domenico Ridola, Ridola’s Museum is the oldest museum in Basilicata, dating back to 1911. An entire room is dedicated to its founder, displaying a collection of documents of his activities as doctor, politician and archaeologist.

The Museum boasts two main permanent galleries. The Prehistoric collection displays a variety of stone tools produced by Lower Palaeolithic humans and Homo Erectus, along with increasingly complex tools from the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic. The “Magna Graecia” collection, with its valuable funerary and votive objects, narrates the story of the sanctuaries and inhabited settlements located on the hills overlooking the river valleys, including Timmori and Montescaglioso, which later became part of Magna Graecia.