It is a must-see masterpiece. It is the only one in its kind to boast a complete cycle of frescoes inspired by the Creation and the Original Sin.

Known as the “Sistine Chapel” of rock-hewn churches, given the theological and artistic value of its wall paintings, the Crypt of the Original Sin is one of Matera’s most interesting rock churches and most ancient example of the rupestrian art in Southern Italy.   Located along the trail of Pietrapenta, near the city of Matera, this rocky hollow overlooks the ravine of “Gravina di Picciano”.  In the 9th century, this cavern was converted into a cave-church by the Benedictine monks.  You will be amazed by the extraordinary cycle of frescoes, created five hundred years before Giotto, and depicting the biblical story of the first chapters of the Genesis.  In the three semi-domes of the apse, the story of Creation illustrates the triarchies of the Apostles (Peter, Andrew and John), the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel and Raphael) and the veneration of the Virgin. Visit this extraordinary expression of Christianity and get involved, thanks to the audio guide in Italian, English, French and German, and the light design, in an incredible cultural, theological, historical and artistic experience.