Itinerary on horseback Venosa – Metaponto | 5 Days

An intense, stunning, and varied itinerary that takes us across the eastern length of Basilicata, from north to south, along sunny lands where the white and reddish limestone offsets the gold of the wheat fields, where gorges and ravines alternate with grottos and channels, dolines and sheep tracks. Then along the ancient roads such as the Appia, the Herculea, the perfumed roads of oil and wine, paths of art and nature, embellished with archaeological sites and fortified farms.

From Venosa, ride the first 35 km towards Genzano di Lucania, an ancient Roman settlement perched on one of the spurs from which you can see the entire valley below, the enchanting Valle del Bradano.
For 30 km immerse yourself in the gold of the wheat fields to Irsina, a citadel where the traces of the medieval past are still strong, recalled by the ancient village and the surrounding walls. From this altitude, get lost in the landscape filled with the colours of nature accompanying the Bradano and Basentello rivers. It’s time to make a second stop, let yourself be pampered by the typical features of the place and give the horses the opportunity to recover their strength for the second part of the journey.
It’s about 50 km to Matera, the European Capital of Culture 2019, where you’ll need to stay overnight to recharge for the rest of the journey.
Get back on your horse the following day, skirting the Murgia Park towards Montescaglioso, also known as the “City of Monasteries” due to the four large monastic complexes, including the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo.
Once you have crossed this veritable treasure trove of cultural and religious gems, you can head towards a new destination, Bernalda, a village of undoubted charm where you can admire the vestiges of the past. Now the Ionian sea is getting closer and closer, the salty smell of the sea becomes more intense, the colours change, become lighter, the beaches of Metaponto are around the corner… just a few kilometres and you can ride on the sandy shores of the Ionian coast.