Under Piazza Vittorio Veneto square, the main meeting place of the city, an old and large cistern can still be seen.
There is an underground world in Matera, in the part of the city that extends throughout Piazza Vittorio Veneto up to the Convent of the Annunziata. Here there are cisterns, houses, shops and the so-called Palombaro, the largest water reserve in the ancient city, one of the different nuances and assets of a past that is still visible.
The deep well gives further mystery and charm to the splendid European Capital of Culture for 2019, because it was part of the water system set up in the first half of the nineteenth century to meet the needs of the population who lived in the area of the so-called “Piano”.
The construction of the aqueduct (1926) in the Sassi districts and other interventions hindered the water collection and disposal system, making it totally unusable.