Matera Cathedral

Located at the heart of the town centre, the Cathedral was built in the 13th century, in a unique architectural style, after Matera Diocese was made titular see, together with Acerenza. The Pugliese-Romanesque architecture is still clearly visible on the exterior of the church, where all the decorations feature biblical symbols dating from the Middle Ages. The elements really worth seeking out include: the rose window, the portals, which are finely carved with plant volutes, the columns and capitals, the Latin epigraph showing the year of completion of the Cathedral, the frescos of the Madonna della Bruna and “The Last Judgment”, attributed to Rinaldo da Taranto and dating back to 1270.

Next to the Cathedral, the Museo Diocesano was set up in the halls belonging to the Diocese. The museum takes visitors through a ‘journey back in time’, from present day back to the origins of the Church.