Strolling through the Sassi, in search of a memento of the city among the many gracious artisan shops of wood, tuff and clay, a strange sound can be heard…
Among the ancient districts the sweet and mysterious sound of the “cucu” often resounds, symbol of Matera, a stylized polychrome terracotta whistle, which is shaped like a cockerel.
It is a small “masterpiece” made and decorated by local master craftsmen, who, with their skilled hands, have been handed down this art and its ancient secrets, which continue to be handed down for generations
Among the favourite souvenirs of tourists who want to take away a symbol of the city, there are also the well-known simpler whistles made from pure terracotta and without colouring, but equally original.
Each is a lone object, in the sense that the craftsmanship makes them unique and always different from each other.