Pecorino di Filiano PDO is a tasty cheese obtained from processing milk from animals raised on pasture and aged in characteristic natural caves that enhance its organoleptic properties.
The rind is characterised by marks from the typical baskets in which the cheese is placed and varies in colour from golden yellow to dark brown, depending on how long it has been cured. The flavour is sweet and delicate for the fresher cheese, while it becomes slightly spicy once it reaches the minimum maturation phase and this characteristic accentuates as it ages.
In the municipality of Filiano, from which this cheese takes its name, there is a festival dedicated to this product, which is over forty years old and every year in September attracts visitors from all over the region and beyond, with the aim to evoke its history and tradition and to enhance its production.
In the Filiano area the ancient art of cheese making is handed down from generation to generation and is not limited to Pecorino DOP alone, since goat cheese, cacioricotta and seasoned ricotta are also particularly appreciated.