Singular in appearance and decisive in flavour, the beautiful Melanzana di Rotonda PDO aubergine is often used raw or cooked in original savoury and sweet recipes, prepared by local women who know every secret to best enhance its exclusive goodness.
This is why this typical product of the Lucanian land is an unmissable experience to discover and eat.
The inimitable, and at times curious, vegetable undoubtedly stands out among the main gastronomic peculiarities of Basilicata, due the characteristics that totally distinguish it from a common aubergine, and this, before tasting it, immediately catches the eye of anyone who sees it. On the other hand, what distinguishes the Melanzana di Rotonda PDO is its unusual orange colour which, in reality, makes it much more similar to an apple or, better still, to a ripe tomato. The green nuances of the skin and the very white flesh enhance the multifaceted product typical of the Pollino area. Once you have had the opportunity to taste even just one of the many recipes featuring this aubergine, such as ‘trionfo’, you’ll fall in love with its flavour, for its pleasant and unexpected spicy aftertaste.
It is no coincidence that together with the Fagiolo di Rotonda PDO bean, in August, every year, the Melanzana Rossa PDO aubergine of Rotonda is the star of the tasty and renowned “Il Bianco e la Rossa Dop” festival.