Marsicovetere ham is a niche product, the result of a centuries-old tradition and knowledge handed down from generation to generation. Its flavour is the result of a favourable climate combined with the right percentage of humidity and curing in cellars, which did not require ventilation. Marsicovetere ham is a authentic mountain raw ham, with a slightly more savoury taste, because the salting is done by hand. The typical flavour is also due to the fact that at the time of processing the ham is then sprinkled with a mixture of lard, pepper and ground hot pepper.
It is characterised by a particular curing process that takes place at over 1,000 m of altitude, can take up to 22 months and takes place in particular environmental conditions inside underground rooms and ancient cellars of local houses.
Only small pigs are used to make it, reared by local breeders.
In this area, pork has been the cornerstone of the local diet for centuries. The custom of raising one or two pigs as a food supply for the winter has remained alive in most families, and there is evidence of how the local raw ham was produced and had a reputation already starting from the 4th century BC.
For many years now Marsicovetere has hosted the ham festival in August. Initially held on Mount Volturino, coinciding with the return to the village of the statue of the Madonna dell’Assunta, the event has recently moved to the valley, revitalised as part of the numerous initiatives in August in the hamlet of Villa d’Agri.