Whether it is the “Fagiolo Bianco” or the “Tondino Bianco”, also known as “Poverello Bianco”, the Fagiolo di Rotonda PDO bean is the result of a traditional cultivation with low environmental impact, which makes it a versatile product rich in plant protein.
Despite the existence of the two rather different ecotypes, the same goodness comes through in the flavour of both beans. Tasty in varied and unforgettable recipes, which have their roots in the most ancient rural life, the two types of beans inspire dishes with refined flavours and embellished with authentic ingredients.
To fully appreciate its flavour, the Fagiolo di Rotonda PDO bean is offered as the main ingredient in delicious soups, but it is also accompanied by pasta,often prepared at home in Basilicata, such as “cavatelli”, one of the most popular shapes in this type of dishes, a real “must” of Lucanian cuisine.
It is not uncommon to be able to find bean and vegetable dishes on the menus of inns, made particularly appetising by combining them with local bread croutons.
Together with the Melanzana di Rotonda PDO aubergine, in August, every year, the Fagiolo di Rotonda PDO is the main feature of the renowned festival “Il Bianco e la Rossa Dop”, an event that sees visitors come to the Pollino village from afar to savour the two “brothers” of goodness!