The peculiarity of the Fagioli di Sarconi PGI beans, among the excellences of Lucanian gastronomy, consists in their variety, since there are seventeen types, each with a unique detail that makes them suited to every course, the perfect accompaniment to authentic flavours.
With a soft pulp and quick cooking times, the Fagiolo di Sarconi PGI stars in a number of recipes. Among the most popular and appreciated is the dish that combines it with “cavatelli”, one of the most characteristic and tasty types of homemade pasta and which distinguishes Lucanian first courses.
But the excellent product is also used in many other original variants, including jams and even ice cream!
Every year, in August,the Fagiolo di Sarconi PGI is the key ingredient of a well-established festival that allows visitors to taste all the varieties and the most succulent courses.