The black olive is a typical product of Ferrandina, an Aragonese city famous for being a slow food presidium of the Majatica, a quality olive tree only found in some areas of the Matera hills from which the famous Oliva Nera Infornata di Ferrandina baked olives and Extra Virgin Olive Oil are obtained.
The black olive is obtained by baking the fruits that then acquire a particular flavour that leaves notes of liquorice in the mouth, and which become a superlative accompaniment to cheeses and salami typical of the Lucanian tradition.
Today the Ferrandina black olive is a Slow Food presidium. It seems that in the city the first testimonies linked to the tradition of drying black olives by baking them, according to a traditional process, date back to 1700. Initially, black olives were baked in wood-fired ovens, while hot air dryers have been used since 1910.