Summer Menu

Aubergine Pie

First course
Homemade Pasta with the red aubergine from Rotonda

Main Course
Three-coloured Lamb from Lucanian Dolomites

Monachine biscuits

Matera DOC

Summer menu

Fresh flavors and light aromas characterize traditional Lucanian cuisine which in summer gives life to ancient dishes and fills the tables and eyes.

Prepare the Summer Menu with a Lucanian flavor with our recipes!

1 aubergine
100gr scamorza cheese
parmesan as required
200gr tomato pulp
basil as required
salt as required
2 eggs
1 garlic clove
Flour as required


Wash aubergine, cut its top and bottom, and then cut in in round slices. Salt aubergine slices and let them stand for at least half an hour in order to let them release their bitter water.
Wash them again, dry them and coat them in flour and eggs and fry them in searing hot oil. Peel the clove and brown it in a little oil; then, add tomato, salt and cook it for 15’.
Dice scamorza cheese.
Oil 4 plum-cake moulds and create three layers with tomato sauce, aubergine, scamorza and parmesan finishing with a layer of tomato sauce and parmesan on top. Bake pies at 180° for 10’. Place them pies on a bed of tomato dressed with a basil leaf.

Ingredients for 6 people:
300gr red aubergine from di Rotonda (fresh)
cherry tomatoes
extra-virgin oil
salted ricotta cheese as required

Cut the aubergine in thin slices, brown it in extra-virgin olive oil and salt it.
Add the julienne of tomatoes, lots of basil and cook for 2 minutes.
Cook Fileddri in salted water, sautè them with the other ingredients. Before serving, grate some

Ingredients for 4 people:
Lamb loin 800 gr
Peppers 200 gr
Courgettes 200 gr
oregano as required
salt and pepper
Wild fennel 400 gr
White wine 2 dl

For the stuffing:
Boiled potatoes 200 gr
Pecorino cheese, salt, pepper, oregano as required

Wash, scald vegetables and then leave them to cool. Dress potatoes with salt, pepper, oregano, pecorino cheese and let them stand.
Bone loin and put it between two sheets of film. Put pepper, potatoes and courgettes in the middle of it and roll it. Let loin brown in a frying pan on a high flame. Then, roast it in the oven at 180° until it reaches an internal temperature of 62°. Once ready, skim the bottom with IGT Basilicata White Wine, let it reduce and thicken; then, strain it through a chinoise. Toss wild fennel which you have previously washed and boiled. Then, cut loin.
In the middle of the dish lay the fennel and place the slices of meat on it. Ice it with its own sauce and serve it.

Flour 00 G 250
Eggs N 1
Red of the egg N 1
Milk. G 50
Butter G 50
Ammonia G 5
Grated lemon G 1
Gated orange G 1

Heap the flour, make a well in the middle and add all the ingredients including the ammonia dissolved in a drop of warm milk. Mix well until you obtain an even dough. Line a tray with baking parchment and use a spoon to arrange the dough in quenelles or walnut-sized heaps, decorate with an almond in the middle and finish with granulated sugar or sprinkles. Bake in the oven at 180 °C for 12-15 minutes.

The denomination of Matera DOC wine was established in 2005 and includes six types of wine: Matera “Rosso”, Matera “Primitivo”, Matera “Rosso Jonico”, Matera “Greco”, Matera “Bianco”, Matera “Spumante”.
The denomination takes its name both from the city of the Sassi and from the entire province that extends along the Ionian coast to Murgia, and includes the entire municipal areas of Bernalda, Calciano, Cirigliano, Colobraro, Craco, Ferrandina, Garaguso, Gorgoglione, Grassano, Grottole, Irsina, Matera, Miglionico, Montalbano Jonico, Montescaglioso, Nova Siri, Oliveto Lucano, Pisticci, Policoro, Pomarico, Rotondella, Salandra, San Giorgio Lucano, San Mauro Forte, Scanzano Jonico, Stigliano, Tricarico, Tursi, and Valsinni. The grapes can be produced in vineyards cultivated up to 700 meters above sea level
The taste of Matera DOC can have a slight hint of wood, apparently because they are processed according to traditional practices in wooden containers The colour and flavour varies according to the type.