Ingredients for 4 people

600gr Codfish
300gr Potatoes
20 dl Spumante
1 onion
1 shallot
3 Garlic cloves
200g cream
200g milk
100g Moliterno pecorino cheese
10 Senise crunchy peppers
For the Pasta
5 eggs
500g flour
1 spoonful of salt
1 spoonful of extra-virgin lucanian oil (IGP)
For the Sauce:
400g cherry tomatoes
1 garlic clove
extra-virgin lucanian oil (IGP) as required

Knead the dough for ravioli;
pour flour in a bowl and add salt and oilve oil. Then, after adding eggs, stir the mixture with a fork.
When the dough gets firmer, start kneading it using your hands until you get a big ball. At this point, wrap the dough in the film and let it stand for thirty minutes. In the meantime, start preparing the stuffing for ravioli.

Three days before making ravioli, let codfish stand in water and then chop it. Then, skin and bone it. Boil the resulting pulp in hot and salted water with onion cut in pieces, one garlic clove and one bay leaf. In the meantime, fry shallot and chopped garlic and let them stew with little water and oil. Now, you can add codfish to be covered in spumante. Once boiled off, add potatoes and cream and let everything cook for one hour and a half. When the mixture will be rather creamy, put in a food processor. The, let it cool, add chopped crunchy peppers and cream it.
Directions for ravioli:
Put some stuffing in the middle of a 2-cm large stripe of pastry and then fold it like a book. Firmly press the sides of the pastry in order not to let the stuffing out while cooking.
Directions for the sauce:
Make the sause with peeled cherry tomatoes, pour some oil in a pan, 1 garlic clove and let it brown and then add the cherry tomatoes cut in four pieces. Add salt, pepper, some cooking water and iome basil. Let everything cook for some minutes. Cook ravioli in salted water. Once ready, put them in the sauce and then add some pecorino flakes before serving