Santa Maria D’Orsoleo – Sant’Arcangelo

Journey to the Origins of Monasticism. Just 4 kilometres from the town of Sant’Arcangelo, on the Orsoleo hill where silence reigns, the convent of Santa Maria d’Orsoleo, built in the Franciscan era starting from 1474 to become a centre of culture, of education and study, today welcomes a multi-media exhibition, which focuses on historical memory, documents and narratives, evoking the ancient origins of devotions practised in these lands starting from the Byzantine Saints in the 10th-11th centuries. Large images, sound narrations, video installations and scenographic effects will tell the story of the monastery as a gateway to discovering monastic communities and medieval life, but at the same time they will take the visitor on a journey into spirituality understood as poetics of the spirit, as a space of “intimate immensity”, where everyone’s experience finds a home, the “shell” within which to shelter, experiment and find oneself.
Themed guided tours, special openings, events, workshops and activities dedicated to families, children, groups. The museum itinerary offers visitors an extraordinary experience of discovery and wonder, a spiritual journey into the Basilicata of the past and present. Sound narrations, video installations, scenographic effects, holograms and 3D films narrate and evoke the origins, daily life, the living memory of the Franciscan convent and of the devotions practised in these lands from the distant past, even outside opening hours, for groups of at least 10 members, by booking well in advance.

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