The Pinacoteca Provinciale of Potenza

Located near the Provincial Archaeological Museum, in the old town district of Santa Maria, the Pinacoteca Provinciale of Potenza (Potenza public art gallery) houses very interesting exhibitions.

Currently you can visit the temporary exhibition of paintings and sculptures dedicated to Concetto Valente, which includes part of the collection of paintings and sculptures owned by the Province of Potenza, featuring works of art dating back to the 19th century. Among the artists, really noteworthy are Di Chirico, Brando, Tedesco, Mona and La Creta.

The exhibition also includes works by contemporary artists such as Guerricchio, Claps and Squitieri. The room dedicated to the 20th century hosts artworks by Carlo Levi, Fausto Pirandello and Renato Guttuso. A permanent collection dedicated to the artist Rocco Falciano, born in Potenza, has been recently set up at the ground floor, thanks to the donation of the artist’s most significant works by his family.

Learn more on the website of the province of Potenza