The National Archaeological Museum of Bernalda-Metaponto

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale (National Archaeological Museum) of Metaponto is one of the most authoritative records
of the ancient Magna Graecia culture and history. Its large exhibition venues boast over two thousand finds from excavations carried out in the ancient town of Me- tapontum, where the Greek philosopher Pythagoras founded his school and died, in the necropolis, in the colony’s fields, and in some locations on the Ionian coast and its hinterland, along the Bradano and Basento river valleys. Other sections of the museum are dedicated to the ancient Greek colonies of Siris and Herakleia and the ancient Italian world of the Agri and Sinni valleys.

The archaeological park, located north of Metaponto Borgo, includes the urban sanctuary, part of theagora, the handicraft district for ceramics’ production (kerameikos), and the great north-south road system (plateia). There are traces of a remarkable number of monuments, which have marked the civil and religious life of the colony, from the initial phases of its foundation until the Roman conquest in the 3rd century BC. The famous Tavole Palatine (Palatine Tables) are really a must-see for any visitor.