Valsinni, the Literary Park of Isabella Morra

The Literary Park of Isabella Morra extends over the places linked to the life and soul of the poet Isabella Morra, who was born and died in the castle of this romantic village, commemorating and almost materialising the bond between these places and her poetry.

Each summer, her poems resound in the village during the events organised to remember and revive the short life of Isabella Morra. One of these events is known as ‘L’Estate di Isabella’, a sentimental journey back in time that takes place in the medieval part of Valsinni, this beautiful little town located on the shore of Sinni river, from which it derives its name.

This is the place where the poet Isabella Morra lived in the 16th century: she was murdered at the young age of 25 for her liaison with a Spanish nobleman, strongly opposed by the family.

Her short, tragic life and her poetry – rediscovered by the Italian philosopher and historian Benedetto Croce – are commemorated in the Literary Park with theatrical and musical performances that attract visitors to the village and take them in a fascinating literary journey to discover ancient atmospheres and authentic flavours.

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