Aliano, the Literary Park dedicated to “Carlo Levi”

Each corner of Aliano narrates the story of the Italian writer Carlo Levi, who spent his exile in the village between 1935 and 1936, after being arrested as a result of his involvement with anti-fascist movements.

Visitors who want to discover and remember the key places linked to the writer can make a fascinating journey through the beautiful village of Aliano, from the house where he was exiled to the Pinacoteca, then heading to the Museum of the Peasant Culture and the Presepe artwork created by the renowned artist Francesco Artese.

Inspired by the famous book “Christ stopped at Eboli”, written by Carlo Levi to recount the dramatic story of his life while banished to the villages of Grassano and Aliano, in Basilicata, the Literary Park, located in the old town and surrounded by the lunar landscape of Calanchi, the clay gullies typical of this part of Basilicata, offers visitors a sentimental journey through the places linked with the exile in Basilicata of this important writer and painter.

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