The Sacred performance of Venosa

The Last Supper is staged in Piazza San Giovanni de Matha with the table and chairs laid out, mirroring the style of the time. About a hundred characters make up the procession which progresses towards the town hall or to the Fontana Angioina where, before the eyes of the crowd, Jesus is captured. Everything then moves to Piazza Castello for the trial, presided over by the High Priest Caiaphas who has the Master arrested. The atmosphere is heavy with emphasis when Peter denies Jesus at the rampart of the Castello Pirro del Balzo, which is also the setting for the flogging scene. After the trial, the procession crosses the city’s main avenue as far as Piazza Orazio, where the encounter between Jesus and the Madonna takes place. The Crucifixion, followed by the Resurrection, takes place in Piazza Castello.
Where: Venosa (PZ)