The Sacred performance of Atella

In the Angevin city of Atella, the Via Crucis winds along the charming streets. The “Cyrenean” who, as referred to in the Gospels, helped Christ to carry the cross, is chosen from amongst the crowd. On Maundy Thursday, the Via Crucis of Atella relives the phases leading up to the death of Jesus: the three teardrops, the meeting with the Madonna and those with the Samaritan who offers him something to drink and with Veronica who dries his face. These sacred events unfold in the historic centre, in a well worn path which is shared by the locals and anyone else who chooses to participate in a special example of history and culture. Stopping along different points in the town, it undertakes a journey recreating Jesus’ trial and the judgement of Pilate who, encouraged by the people, sentences him to death.
Where: Atella (PZ)