The Basilicata tourism system has adapted to the changes that the Covid-19 emergency. The tour operators, the most affected by the limitations, were the first to scrupulously respect the measures issued by the Government and aligned with the rules aimed at protecting themselves and their guests from the virus.

Ready to welcome guests indoors or outdoors, in winter and summer, in the mountains and by the sea, in museums and places of culture.

Basilicata, a region with large spaces and a low number of inhabitants, awaits those who are ready to experience a journey of discovery, a leap into the authenticity of pure places. Now more than ever, our tour operators are proud to open the doors of the region to anyone.

Follow the rules

  • Always wear a mask, indoors and outdoors
  • Wash your hands often or use sanitizing gels
  • Do not bring your hands to your mouth, eyes, nose
  • Maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter from non-cohabiting people
  • Contact the accommodation facilities and tourist and cultural operators first in order to organize your trip in total safety
  • Book guided tours and access to museums and cultural containers in advance
  • Find out on the websites and contact by phone to enjoy the attractions and activities in the area