Basilicata, Southern Italy

The region Basilicata is a timeless land, narrated by travelers and artists, writers and moviemakers who have chanced upon it.  A particular mixture of ancient and modern, a kaleidoscope of landscapes and moods; the most suggestive adjective to describe it seems to be “poetic”.

It is an Italian region steeped in history and culture, with a great cultural and historical heritage: archaeological sites, medieval castles, abbeys and villages. The beauty of this land is enhanced by contemporary art works, events and by a well-established food and wine tradition.

A land of inspiration for poets, writers, musicians and film directors, this region still preserves the typical ‘light’ of Southern Italy. A natural and rich landscape, stretching from the Tyrrhenian Coast of Maratea, considered to be the Pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, up to the Ionic Coast, the cradle of the Greek culture, and through to the Apennines mountains.

The Nativity Scene placed in St.Patrick’s Cathedral, New York, is a way to introduce you to the discovery of Basilicata, an unusual and extraordinary land, quite unknown even to many Italians. The “secret garden” of Southern Italy, an “authentic, pure, preserved” land waiting to be discovered.


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